Chicago Airshow Scenes

These pictures were taken while Konnie was attending the Chicago Airshow in 1938. The processing date on the back of the prints is Feb. 5, 1938, processed by Clark Photos, 46 Fort Washington Ave., New York.  The name of each aircraft was hand printed on the back of each picture. I have added any other details legible in the original photograph, such as the registration numbers and Booth signs.
  1. Argonaut Pirate, #X15682, Argonaut Aircraft Co., Buffalo-  Pirate
  2. Art Chester Jeep-  Chester
  3. Breese Transport, #X12899 -  Breese
  4. Burrow's Racer, #NR214Y-  Burrows
  5. Crosby Special -  Crosby
  6. Curtiss Coupe 19-L, #NS69-  Curtiss
  7. Douglas XB-14, USAAF-  Douglas
  8. Fleetwings Stainless Steel Seabird Amphibian, #X-16793, Gillies Aviation Corp.-  Seabird
    (that's what the sign says!)
  9. Lockheed Electra 12, #NC2072-  Electra
  10. Miles Sparrow-Hawk, #NC191M-  Miles
  11. Roadable Gyro-  Roadable
  12. Shelton Crusader AG-4, #X14429-  Shelton
  13. Stinson SM-6B, #NC8426 -  Stinson
  14. Vought O2U-1 U.S. Navy 7937-  Vought
  15. Vought Corsair XO4U-2, U.S. Navy A-8641-  Corsair
  16. Waco DAC-7, #NC17454-  Waco

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