Royal Flying Corps Diaries - Interesting days in 1917, April to July

The 'Frank' referred to in all these Diaries is Frank Fredrickson, Konnie's friend from childhood in Winnipeg, and another Falcons hockey player. (Comments by the website author in brackets)

Sunday April 15th: Arose at 10:00. Home all morning and afternoon, went to Church in evening. Farewell sermon, Freda sang, simply great. Shook hands with all my friends. Beat it for the Dominion 223rd Battalion concert. Walked up Portage, met Kelly and Benson, walked to station with them, saw the bunch off. Retired at 12:50.

Tuesday April 17th: Took train to Portage at 8:25 AM, arrived at 10:10. General on train, he beat me to inspection. I got on parade at 11:00 AM, on parade in afternoon. Stayed at boys' suite all evening, retired at 11:00

Wednesday April 18th: On parade all morning and afternoon. I platoon Sergeant of No. 1, Sr. Sgt. Kelly my Subaltern. Stayed at suite all evening, wrote F. Retired early.

Thursday April 19th: Drilled all morning, muster afternoon. Left for Winnipeg at 4:00 PM, arrived at 6:00 PM.

Friday April 20th: Left for Portage at 11:40 PM, arrived at 1:00 AM.

Saturday April 21st: Arose at 7:00, on parade at 7:45. Called up F. in Winnipeg, couldn't get away by hook or crook. On parade all day. Fixed up packs that night and went to dance at Prior. rotten place, danced 3 dances and sat out rest. Got home at 12:30.

Sunday April 22nd: (at Portage La Prairie, Man.) On parade in morning, muster parade in afternoon. Preparing for Overseas in the afternoon and evening. Men confined to Barracks.

Monday April 23rd: (on Train, Day 1) Arose at 4:30 AM. Entrained at 7 AM. Left at 10:00, arrived at Winnipeg at 12:00. (his family and friends were there to see Konnie and the Icelandic contingent off) Spent rather blue afternoon. Retired at 10:20, time change 1 hour ahead.

Tuesday April 24th: (on Train, Day 2) Arose at 6:30. All morning en route. Physical drill at Grant ( a stop ?) for half an hour. All afternoon on train. Wrote a few postcards and retired early.

Wednesday April 25th: (on Train, Day 3) Cleaned up for march during the morning. Stopped at North Bay and went for a march around town. Left North Bay at 4:00 pm. Ate and had a good concert on train. BIll & I played violins, bunch sang. Went to bed at 9:00 pm.

Thursday April 26th: (on Train, Day 4) Arrived at Ottawa during the night. Arose at 5:30. Duke's inspection at Main Station, I Platoon Commander. Lots of sweets dished out by Ottawa girls. Left Ottawa at 10:00 pm. Travelled all night, passed through Montreal. Much booze on train.

Friday April 27th: (on Train, Day 5) Travelled all morning. Arrived at Riviere du Loup at 2 pm, short march and run. Left and arrived at Campbelltown N.S. at 8. Went for a short route march over town. Left at 9:00. retired at 10 pm, awakened by Tom and Tubs, stayed awake until 12:00. Fell off the water wagon, took a smell of the cork. Everybody soused but I.

Saturday April 28th: (on Train, Day 6) Arose at 7:30.Travelled steadily until 11:00 am, Held up at Londonderry by a wreck. Waited until 7:30 then went on to Truro. Stopped for about an hour. Very cold and wet. Ole Bjornson sick with the mumps. Retired at 11:00, pulled out into yards and fell asleep while waiting.

Sunday April 29th (on Train, Day 7) Breakfasted at 9, ate 4 eggs. Best breakfast yet. Arrived at Halifax at 11 am. First glimpse of Halifax and ocean-going Liners, Navy Cruisers and day boats (?). Stopped on side track in yards at 4:30. Went for a route march in afternoon. Saw Halifax, poor impression. Sat in Train all night, had concerts in each car, sang and played.

Monday April 30th (on Train, Day 8) Arose at 7:00. Went for route march in morning.Went for route march and football game in afternoon. Tied 182nd 1-1. General leave during evening 6-10 pm.

Tuesday May 1st: (on Train, Day 9) Bath parade to YMCA in morning. Leave in afternoon, went through Stores bought music and underwear. Got back to Coaches 5:30. Confined to cars during evening. Played some of the new pieces.

Wednesday May 2nd:(on Train, Day 10) Raining outside in torrents. Stayed in Coaches all morning ready for embarkment. No orders, so leave granted from 5 to 7 pm. Went down to Madir's Cafe and Barber Shop. Got back to coaches, had concert, retired at 10:00.

Thursday May 3rd:( Day 11 ) Waiting for orders to embark. Orders came at 11:00, embarked on Justicia at 12:30. I received 2nd Class passage. Swell little cabin for 4. Ate same as Officers. Waited for Pay Box when loading our baggage. Left Halifax at 7:00 pm. Tugs pulled ship out of Dock. Passage through mined area and first symptoms of sea sickness, dizzy giddy feeling. Retired at 9:00 pm, lay awake for long time.

Friday May 4th:( at Sea, Day 12 ) Assembly at 10:00 am. Had a snooze before and after dinner. Went up with the boys to the Wet Canteen, 1 Port Wine and 2 Beers. Stayed in cabin until 3, pay parade then. Went down to cabin, slept, ate and retired at 9:00 pm.

Saturday May 5th:( at Sea, Day 13 ) Arose at 7:30. Time altered half-hour, change of time caused us to miss breakfast. Had breakfast from our boxes. Assembly blew at 10:30, we all asleep in one cabin. Fitzgerald came down and woke us. About half-hour late on Parade. Ate and had a snooze. Sat down in Cabin for afternoon. Walked the decks for a short time in the evening. Retired at 9:30

Sunday May 6th:( at Sea, Day 14 ) Arose at 7:00 am. Deck Sentry Sergeant. Posting Sentries all day and night. Had short sleeps during the night.

Monday May 7th:( at Sea, Day 15 ) Came off Sentry duties at 9 am. No breakfast, ate some fruitcake and candy. Slept until 10, Assembly luncheon, then Assembly at 2:00. Had short snooze before dinner. Walked around decks for awhile.

Tuesday May 8th:( at Sea, Day 16 ) Arose at 7:40. Detailed fatigues for ship work. Assembly at 10, read until noon. P.T. at 1 pm for 'A' company. Through at 3 pm. Boxing tournament started in afternoon.

Wednesday May 9th: ( at Sea, Day 17 ) Arose at 7:15. Did nothing in particular during morning. P.T. for A Company at 1:00, Boxing Tournament at 3:00.

Thursday May 10th: ( at Sea, Day 18 ) Arose at 7:15. Did nothing in particular in morning. P.T. for A Company at 1:00. Boxing Tournament in afternoon. Clarkson won heavyweight. Assisted Fitz in raising details for the following day. Retired late.

Friday May 11th: ( at Sea, Day 19 ) Arose at 7:00. Went on as Sergeant of Deck Sentries, 90 men, at 9 o'clock. Was on duty all day until 11:00. Saw part of Boxing tournament in afternoon. Gillis given poor decision. Went to Dental Corps Concert in evening. Bill Einarson played, Alf accompanied. Went rounds of sentries and then retired at 12:00.

Saturday May 12th: ( at Sea, Day 20 ) Arose at 7:00. Came off duty at 9:00. Torpedo Boat Destroyers met us during morning and are escorting us. Left the Steamer Corrigan behind. Witness in Orderly Room case at 3:00 pm. Saw Exhibition Boxing bouts. Had a salt water bath.

Sunday May 13th: ( at Sea, Day 21 ) Sat around all morning. Had a concert in afternoon. Doc, Axford, Johannesson, Kelly in our cabin. Sighted land at noon, off north coast of Ireland. Cleaned up and packed. Retired at 11:00. Roused by gang at 12, asleep at 1 am. Arrived at Liverpool during the night.

Monday May 14th: At Shorncliffe Arose at 7:00. Went up on deck to see Liverpool as it looked from the river. Ate lunch on ship, disembarked at 2 pm. Left for Shorncliffe at 5:45, arrived at 4:00 am. Marched out to Camp. No sleep during night. Stationed at Lower Dibgate, Shorncliffe.

Tuesday May 15th: In Quarantine Camp. Had breakfast at 5:00 am. Got into a tent with Bill G, Hank, Tom, Dave, Tubs and B.M. Slept until 11 am. Saw first English Airplane and Dirigibles. Muster parade in afternoon. Blankets issued. Sat in Kelly's tent during evening and rain storm. Retired about 9:30. Five of us slept together. Woke up several times during the night.

Wednesday May 16th: In Quarantine Camp. Arose at 7:00. Breakfasted and had PT at 9:00. Bath parade at 11:00. Sat in tent with boys eating candy. Medical inspection in afternoon. Rained after inspection. Had supper in rain. Played and sang in our tent. Halli Herman came over and stayed during evening. Stan Fraser came to see me at 7 pm.

Thursday May 17th: Arose at 7 am. Paraded Platoon for breakfast during rainstorm. Rained all morning, wrote application for transfer to Royal Flying Corps. Interviewed by OC along with Tom. Sat around in afternoon, wrote Freda and mother, told them about the camp we were in. Went up to 11th Reserve Battalion grounds, played ball after supper, had some refreshments and walked back. Met Joe Task. Back in Camp, sang, fell asleep.

Friday May 18th: Moved into Quarantine tent. Arose at 7. Gave A Company PT for an hour. Marched up to 11th Reserve Batt. Batt divided into Squads. Marched back and put in Quarantine. B.M. Paulson got the mumps. Moved our tent in afternoon and sat around all rest of day. Could not move from our Quarantine square. Retired early. Saw flashlights (searchlights) in sky for first time.

Saturday May 19th: First day of Quarantine, Shorncliffe. Breakfast in bed. List of fellows in our tent in Quarantine: Tubs, Tom, Henry, Davey, Fred Thorlakson, Bill Goodman, Bill Einarson and myself. Cleaned up generally around tent in morning. Were taken for a walk in afternoon, went to Seabrook, a town on sea coast. Returned at 4 pm. Had our supper, lounged around, sent orderlies to Canteen for drinks. Did some sketching after quenching thirst. Sam Kelly came down to tell us about OC's trip to London regarding transfers to Air Service. Got Kelly to steal us a loaf of bread and then we had pork and beans and bread by candlelight after retiring.

Sunday May 20th: Arose at 9 am. Polished all our buttons and belts, boots. Sat around all afternoon and wrote diary and letters. Heavy rainstorm during night. Our tent flooded. Had broken sleep. Heavy thunder and lightning.

Monday May 21st: Arose at 9 am. Shaved and cleaned up. Dug out trench around tent which had filled in during storm of last night. Slept in afternoon. Played ball with Tom and tried some jumping, running. Had pork and beans in bed with candlelight. Discussed literature with bunch. Fell asleep at 12.

Tuesday May 22nd: Arose at 10:00. Sat around tent all morning. Cleaned up and went for a short walk up to 18th, down to Sunbrook, back to our camp. Tired and stiff from last night's exertions. Emil Johnson came to see me. Sat around rest of evening, retired at 10:30.

Wednesday May 23rd: Arose at 9 am. Gave 'mumpies' PT. Made out forms for transfer. Played violin with Bill E. all afternoon. Sat around during evening and retired early.

Thursday May 24th: Arose at 9 am. Cleaned up our shoes, buttons, belts, etc. for afternoon. Went down to Folkestone in bunch, met Doctor. Took bus and walked back home. Stopped for lunch on way. 223rd cleaned up in sports for 11th Reserve Battalion. Tired and foot weary after day. Played and sang in rear of our tent then retired early.

Friday May 25th: Slept until 10. Got up and Tubs told us to get ready to move from Lower Dibgate to 11th. Arrived 11th at noon. Ate under shade of trees by road through 11th and 8th. Moved into Quarantine tent and had just fixed up tent and finished our supper when 'Fritzers' raided us. One bomb dropped 15 ft from us. Bill E, Bill, Tom, Hank, Davey and I all cut by flying glass. Raid lasted about an hour. Bill E and I hit for prairies and big oak tree. Helped girls over fence on way. Town of Folkestone, 2 streets blown to pieces. Holes out through our tent from shrapnel. Left for Hospital 8:30 for anti-poison injection. Assisted carrying in the wounded at Hospital. Had a lunch at 11:30 (pm)there and then walked back to our tent. Could not go to sleep for a long time.

A quote from "Tumult in the Clouds", by Nigel Steel and Peter Hart, p263:

"The first German Gotha air raid occurred in the early evening of 25 May 1917 when twenty-one aircraft arrived over Britain and, having been deflected from London by foggy conditions, bombed Shorncliffe Camp and Folkestone.  In all casualties totalled ninety-five killed and 195 injured.  Although many RNAS and RFC pilots attempted to intercept the raiders the lack of any co-ordinated plan of defence became evident as individual pilots tried to attack the high flying German formation which deployed massed machine-guns"
Saturday May 26th: Arose at 8. Washed up and sat down in our tent to write up yesterday's raid. Lounged around. Took two pictures of wreckage from bombs. Sat around and read all afternoon. Received papers for M.O. examination etc. for Flying Corps. Lounged around in evening and retired early.

Sunday May 27th: Had breakfast brought to us. Lounged around tent all afternoon. Axford and Harman visited us. One continual stream of men from other Battalions passed our tent to see wreckage of bombs. Skipped over to Canteen with Tubs. Lounged around tent all evening.

Monday May 28th: Sat around all morning and afternoon. Played and sang during evening. Sent for refreshments and retired. Orders out all of us reduced to ranks (!)

Tuesday May 29th: Arose at 7 am. Tore off stripes (!) Sat around and made models of aeroplane propellors. Read during afternoon for a time and played "Gosi" with Tom and Bill. Played Horseshoes during evening, retired early at 8 o'clock.

Wednesday May 30th: Arose at 7 am. Paraded to M.O, send us down to Westcliffe Hospital for examination, eyes and ears for Air Service. Ate at YMCA hut Shorncliffe. Saw places where    bombs fell. Came back to camp, moved tent over in other lines. Polished up new equipment. Retired early.

Thursday May 31st Arose at 6 am. Cleaned up, paraded to M.O. for examination. Went on Parade in morning and afternoon. Loafed during evening and retired early.

Friday June 1st: Arose at 6 am. Went on Parade. Called off Parade by R.S.M. along with Bill Einarson. Bill and I went to Metropole Hotel in afternoon to play at concert for wounded soldiers. Ate down at YMCA hut, rode home on Bus. Got 4 letters from family.

Sunday June 3rd: Arose at 6 am.Went to Church Parade. Felt rather blue and was much affected by hymns and prayer. Went to tent and sat around. Were told that our transfers had been turned down by Divisional Hdqrs. Felt sore and disappointed. Put on Fire Picket at 8:00 pm, retired at 10:15.

Monday June 4th In charge of Quarantine Squads for the day, Tom off parade playing ball. Saw Fred Walker, spoke to him about my transfer. Saw Kelly as well. Paraded aliens(?) in afternoon and B.O. (? Officer) Sat around tent all evening.

Tuesday June 5th On parade all morning and afternoon. Air Raid warning at 5:50. Beat it for trenches. Out of trenches at 6:50. Went to YMCA hut for coffee.

Wednesday June 6th: Arose at 6:00. On parade in morning. Went over to Hut 23 met Ross Miller, found out about R.F.C. Saw Fred Walker, paraded before Cameron. Advised to parade before O.C. Battalion. In tent all morning. Retired early.

Thursday June 7th: Arose at 6 am. Hut Orderly for morning. Paraded before O.C. in afternoon,was told that he would see what he could do. Stayed off parade in afternoon, Hut Orderly. Sat around during evening. Retired 10 pm.

Friday June 8th: Arose at 6:00. On parade during morning and afternoon. Received form for application to Officer's Cadet Corps from Hannesson in London. Sat around during evening, retired at 10 pm.

Saturday June 9th: On parade in morning. Saw R.S.M. at noon. Bill and I went down to Folkestone for music and stamps. Stayed until 7 pm, went to Movie show at at YMCA. Took bus home. Retired 9 pm.

Sunday June 10th: Church parade during morning. Filled in Cadet course forms and gave them to Hannesson. Sat around tent and cleaned brasses whle bunch played Banker.

Monday June 11th: Parade all morning and afternoon. Sat around tent during evening. Gave R.F.C. papers to Major Hannesson. Retired 10 pm.

Wednesday June 13th: Arose at 6. On parade for P.T. Played violin with Bill, Alf accompanied, practiced for concert in evening. Concert at Westcliffe Hospital at 7:15. Cancelled.

Friday June 15th: Arose at 6 am. Muster parade all morning. Up before O.C. at 1:00 pm regarding RFC transfers. B.O. for afternoon. Air raid warning at 7 pm, another at 8:30. Wrote mother during 2nd and told about my transfer. Back in tent at 10 pm.

Sunday June 17th: Arose at 6. On Church parade in morning. Kit and foot inspection after. Marched to Ranges, 10 miles in afternoon. Left at 2:00 arrived at 5:00. Terribly hot, many men fell out. Tom and I stuck to it. Had a slice of bread and some jam for supper. Retired at 9 pm, slept out in open.

Tuesday June 19th: Arose at 6. Squad Commander of 16 all day. Quarantine was lifted.Tubs left for Western Hangars(?) C.A.M.C. Headquarters. Retired early

Wednesday June 20th: Cleaned up and polished as I never did before. Paraded by Col. Walker before Brigadier General Lecky about RFC transfer. Promised to sign and forward them. Tom transferred to C.A.S.C. Davy and I going to RFC. Stuck around tent, all of morning off. Parade in afternoon.Went to Lord Roberts Club in evening, heard about Belgium trouble. Best string band I've heard. Retired early.

Saturday June 23rd: On parade as Squad Commander in morning. Got late pass and went down town. Had first creme de menthe and Manhattan cocktail, few beers. Went to a Vaudeville show, absolutely rotten. Ate after show, walked back 4 miles in 56 minutes. Saw searchlights in sky not very far away. Arrived at ten 12:15.

Sunday June 24th: Cleaned up and went on Church parade. Brigadier and General there. (They) Presented MM (Military Medal) to a Corporal. Arranged to go to ranges with 20 Squad. Taken off range party and parades for a week for purpose of training ( for a walking race ) for Athletic meet July 2. Had a snooze in afternoon. Lay around all evening and retired early.

Monday June 25th: Arose at 6. All the other boys left at 4:00 am for ranges. Had a short walk in morning, a mile walk in afternoon pretty fast speed. Rub down, shower. Sat around tent and read.

Tuesday June 26th: Had a work out in morning and afternoon. Repaired my pen and did some sketching. Retired early.

Wednesday June 27th: Arose at 6 am. Had a work out in morning. Slept in afternoon and had a rub-down. Got paid 5 Pounds 6 Shillings. Had a good feed at S.A. (Salvation Army?) Many rumours. Retired early, kept awake by drunks.

Thursday June 28th: Had a work out in morning, set pace. Ordered to appear on Mobilization parade at 3:30 pm. Packed Overseas pack for first time. On parade at 3:30 pm. Dismissed at 6:00 pm. Ate at Salvation Army hut. Sat around tent, retired 9:30.

Monday July 2nd: Arose at 6 am. Appeared on 1st SA (Salvation Army ?) parade in my soldier career. Hung around hut all morning. Left for Folkestone Cricket Grounds at 1:30. Walked in Canadian Army Sports Championship meet. Copped 2nd prize ( Website author still has this medal ). Tied with a Lieut. for 2nd, tossed and won. I ahead of him all the race, he sprinted and caught up, I sprinted with him and am sure I bet him by a foot or so. Declared a tie. Went downtown with Tom and Halli, ate, met Roy Wellfly (?). Got back to camp at 11:30.

Tuesday July 3rd to Saturday July 7th: ( On leave in London. Went to Edinburgh  Tuesday night. Returned to London July 8th, back to Shorncliffe. )

Monday July 9th: Arose at 6:00. On parade morning and afternoon with Squad 19 on Musketry. Went down town after parade and ordered music for Freda, having it mailed. Received a box from Mother.

Tuesday July 10th: Arose at 6. On parade all morning and afternoon with 19 for Musketry. Bummed around unil retiring. Played violin a little then retired. Tubs visited me at 10:30, says he is going back (to Winnipeg) at the end of the week.

Wednesday July 11th: Arose at 6. On parade in morning, Musketry and muster parade. Off in afternoon, practicing for Concert, Bill, Frank, Steve Solvason and I. Saw Ole Freeman. He going back to Canada. Met Tubs, gave him Diary to take to Freda.
At this point the Diary was split, the part up to now going back to Winnipeg with Tubs. The note at the front of the Diary says:
"Dearest Freda: As I promised some time ago I am sending you my Diary up to the time of departure of Tubs, who will convey this or smuggle it back with him. (He obviously did). Lots of the contents would not pass a Censor, hence the messenger idea. Tubs has promised to tell you what's what over here and no more. Yours, Konnie
( The Diary is taped together again at this point, both parts being reunited when Konnie got back to Winnipeg in April 1919 )
Thursday July 12th: Arose at 6 am. Musketry all morning. Off in afternoon to practice for Concert. O.C. met us on way to practice, got Frank and Jackie(?) off as well. Practiced medley of Rags. Played at Concert in evening twice and encored both times, sang an encore for last. Met Miss Baldock, gave her her violin. An Aviator above doing good dives and stunts. Had some eats at the Salvation Army. Went back to Hut and retired.

Sunday July 15th: Arose at 6. Church parade in morning. Packed up in afternoon and left for Lyddespont Ranges at 5:00. A nice cool breeze blowing, easy march compared with last. Arrived at 8:00. Were given hot coffee and bread. Retired in hut at 9:30.

Monday July 16th Arose at 4:00 am. Had some hot coffee and started firing at 4:30. Had breakfast at 7:00. Fired until 10:00, off until 3:00. Fired from 3 until 6 pm. Made 101 points out of possible 110. Scrub ball game in evening. Sat out on cliffs and watched ships go by.

Thursday July 19th Arose at 4:00 am. ON ranges until 9:30, made two good scores. Snipers took ranges at 10:00. We off until 3:00. Shook and aired blankets, cold and windy out, On ranges again at 3:00, off at 6:00. Sat around and retired at 9.

Friday July 20th Arose at 4 AM. On ranges all day as per usual. Was sent for by O.C. to play at Banquet. Left ranges at 4 pm, got back to camp at 5:30, cleaned up. Got parcel from mother. Played in Quartet at Officers' Banquet. Through at 7:30. Went over to Hut, made cocoa and had some eats out of box.

Saturday July 21st Bummed around. Company QM stores with Lawrence. Lay under trees across road from hut for an hour. Sat out behind hut and sketched scene for half an hour or so. Went down town to cash postal order. Walked around to 3 different Post Offices. Ate at Maple Leaf Club. returned to camp. Wrote letters, made coffee, had eats. Retired at 10 pm.   Picture 

Sunday July 22nd Off for Church but air raid scattered us. Sat in hot sun all morning, nearly roasted. Went down to Skaptason's in afternoon, all the boys and violins. Had a swell time. Walked home from Hythe just got back in time. Met Red Bergman of the MT6, he just over.

Monday July 23rd Arose at 6. Cleaned up pack etc. for OC's inspection. I acting squad commander, stuck tight in ranks (?). On parade all day after (that), parade off at 4:30. Moved to hut No. 10

Tuesday July 24th Arose at 6. Marched out to entrenching area. Practised trench warfare. Relieving and attack. Had noon hour meal out there. Marched home at 3:30. Arrived at 4:30. Received papers and box from home.

Wednesday July 25th Cleaned up extra well and shined belt. Paraded before G.O.C. for Commission in RFC, Davey Frank and I. Congratulated us and spoke of increase in responsibility. Hoped we would make good. Highly elated, we walked back to Camp. I wrote to Dad and told him of my success and asked him for money, to cable later. Ball Game : 11th-6 runs, 18th-2 runs, 11th Champions.

Thursday July 26th On parade all morning and afternoon, took Gas in morning, went through chamber. Pay parade in morning, I got 2 Pounds 10 shillings. At YMCA concert after. retired about 10.

Friday July 27th Arose at 6. Marched down to trenches, practiced trench routine in morning. Threw live bombs in afternoon. Marched back at 4:30, arrived at 5:30. Got letters ( from his brother and sister ). Had my past, present and future read with cards. Ate at Salvation Army Hut. retired about 10.

Saturday July 28th On PT for first period. Bummed around and watech various competitions going on. Sat in hut all afternoon and wrote. Stuck around in evening and made coffee. Retired about 10, started raining. Tom left for MT's A.S.C (?)

Sunday July 29th Dressed for Church Parade. Let up in rain, fell in on square. Started raining, dismissed. Paraded to YMCA for service. Cold and windy out. Cleared up at 2:00. Met Major Hannesson, he leaving for France that afternoon. Went back to camp at 4:30, made coffee in evening at retired at 10.

Monday July 30th Arose at 6. On parade with 19, good weather. Inspection in morning, O.C. found my rifle dirty. Not dirty, rusty. Practiced Funeral exercises in morning. Was member of Firing Party at funeral in afternoon. 8th Band attended. Through at 4 pm. Stuck around hut in evening.

Tuesday July 31st Arose at 6. Raining and windy out. Cold and miserable. Out in shirtsleeves for PT. On parade in Cavalry Sheds all morning. Off in afternoon to practice violins for evening at Banquet in Sergeants' Mess for athletes at 6:30. Fair supper. Retired to Saloon where concert was held. O.C. there. Played in Quartet and sang. Left at 12:30. Others hilariously soused. I disgusted, went home to hut and "put myself to bed"


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