Royal Flying Corps Diaries - Interesting days in 1918  April to December

(With comments by the website author in brackets)

Thursday April 11th: Avro 4345 (with) Rowell  25 mins. Avro 4345 Rowell  40 minutes.

Friday April 12th: Avro 8531 SOLO 25 minutes.

Sunday April 14th: Avro 8531 solo  30 minutes and 55 minutes

Monday April 15th: Avro 8531 30 mins dual with Aitkens,  solo 30 mins.

Tuesday April 16th: Avro 4345 Solo 25 mins  40 mins. Avro 4465 with Rowell  15 mins.

Monday April 15th: Up for 30 mins with Aitkens. Up solo for 30 mins. Knight killed himself in a Nieuport.

Thursday April 18th: Arose 5:15 Am. Up for 60 mins solo. Sultan over to see flying in afternoon. Retired 8:30 PM.

Saturday April 20th: Avro 4345 solo 70 minutes

Wednesday April 24th: Arose at 5 AM. Up for 45 mins in Avro 4455 with Aitken,  checking clouds. Up 65 mins solo. Had scrap with Bekley in Mono Bristol fighter. photo

Friday April 26th: Avro 4284 30 mins dual with Lt. Burton

Saturday April 27th: Avro 4284 Lt. Burton dual 35 mins,  dual 25 mins. Burton said he was pleased with my flying.

Tuesday April 30th: Arose at 5:30 AM. Launched successfully in Sopwith Pup photo.  Did 35 mins,  took off tire.

Thursday April 18th: Arose at 5 AM. Up on Pup 65 mins. Formation flight on Avro 35 mins. Egyptian Christmas Day.

Friday May 3rd: Sopwith Pup 6057  solo 45 mins.

Saturday May 4th: Avro 4281 solo 40 mins. Sop Pup solo 15 mins.

Monday May 6th: Sop Pup solo 55 minutes,  Avro 4281 solo 35 minutes. Formation flying.

Tuesday May 7th: Arose 5 AM. Up on Pup 70 minutes solo,  went out over pyramids. Mitchell,  one of the Instructors  killed in accident in a Nieuport

Sunday May 12th: Avro 4455 front seat 45 mins with Rowell

Monday May 13th: Avro 4455 front seat 45 mins with Rowell

tuesday May 14th : Avro 8531 front seat 60 mins with Wright

Wednesday May 15th: Arose 7:30 AM. Lucas killed.

Thursday May 16th: Arose 5:50 AM. Up for 60 mins (instructing) in front seat with Fleming then 50 mins with Rowell

Thursday May 23rd: Up for 65 mins with Meecham and 45 with Pratt. Moved into Instructor's quarters  got my new suit.

Saturday May 25th: On Parade. Officially informed of appointment as Instructor  A.F.S. (Advanced Flying School)

Friday May 31st: Arose at 7 AM. Khamsun wind blowing all day  nearly roasted. Rigging day.

Sunday June 16th: Arose 7:15. 'Barney' Oldfield (not the Indianapolis Racer) down (in camp?). Hung around Shepherd's Hotel until 5:30.

Saturday June 22nd: Arose 6:15. Low stunting for War Correspondent. Got Canadian Mail.

Sunday June 23rd: Arose 6:15 AM. Took up Vineberg. Forced landing made him sick.

Sunday July 14th: Arose 4:30 AM. Did 1:40 mins. Forced landing at Hilowan. Clouds very low and fog. Several crashes,  one fatal.

Friday July 26th: Arose 4:30 AM. Did 2:50 mins. Zoomed quarters at 5:00 AM. Fellows asleep got sore. Finished for day at 8:00 AM.

Sunday August 4th: Arose at 5:30 AM. Boyce had bad crash. Went out to him in machine  flew in and got tender,  ambulance stuck in sand hills. Tender stuck three times. I drove,  then got it out.

Thursday August 8th: Flew in afternoon 1:20 mins. Handley-Paige (Bomber) arrived.

Wednesday August 21st: Arose 5:30 AM. Did 1:20 mins. Flew Nieuport for first flip  15 mins. photo

Thursday August 22nd: Did 2:20 mins  25 mins on Nieuport.

Wednesday September 4th: Total time in air so far 217 hours 40 mins.

Friday September 6th: Solo and formation flight to Khanka  15 minutes

Wednesday September 25th: Arose at 5:30 AM. Had a small sand storm about 5:30 PM. Could hear distant roar of thunder. Lightning visible all evening. No rain.

Saturday October 5th: Avro 5461 Alexandria to Khanka  1 hr 20 mins.

Monday October 7th: Arose at 5:30. Course No. 3 started. Did 3:10 mins. Practiced formation in afternoon.

Tuesday October 8th: Arose at 5:15. Did 2:45 mins. Practiced another formation. Rather good. Went to see Manager of Cox's Bank. Ordered to cable to London re my Account.

October 9th to October 11th: (Practiced formation flying every day)

Monday October 14th: Arose at 5:15 AM. Flew 2hrs 10 mins. (Received letter from his brother and wrote a letter to Freda,  his unofficial fiancee at the time and eventually his wife and the website author's mother.) First rumours of peace. Retired about 9:30 PM.

Monday November 4th: Arose at 5:30 AM. New course started  No. 5. Flew formation for Sultan. Stayed in camp rest of the day.

Monday November 11th  (Armistice Day):
Arose at 6 AM. PT Parade. Flew 2hrs 15mins. Great excitement awaiting results of Armistice. News came through at 7:00 pm. Great joy. Everyone drunk. Drove into Cairo,  Shepherd's Hotel (was) mad. Retired 12:30.
Tuesday November 12th: Arose at 6:30 AM. Did formation flight over Cairo to Helowan and FS. Had breakfast at Helowan. Went into Cairo. Back on 11:30 train  retired about 12:00

Thursday November 14th: Arose at 6:00 AM  PT. Flew 2:30 mins. Stayed in Camp all day  nothing doing. Retired about 10 PM.

Thursday November 21st: Arose at 8:30 Am. Had breakfast in bed. Read. Hung around camp all day. Very fed up,  anxious to get back home. Retired about 10 PM.

Monday December 23rd: Arose at 6:30 AM. Flew over to AFS ( Advanced Flying School). Had breakfast at S of A (?) Review of training brigade at 11:20. Fly-past for General Allenby at 12:30. Nearly collided with Mac. Stunted later. Dobbie killed. Retired 10 PM.

Wednesday December 25th: Stuck around with Doc(?) in morning. Played violin. Had big dinner,  sipped of the wine that is red. Slept in afternoon. Served (Christmas) dinner to the men at 6 PM.

Thursday December 26th: Filed negatives (the negatives that the Egyptian photos were printed from  still in the original file book in 1972 and now in the National Photographic Library in Ottawa, Canada. Go to  Archives  and use 'Johannesson' as the keyword) and pasted snaps in Album. Moved into a Hut. Fixed it up in afternoon. Had hot bath. Made a clothes rack & table. Fixed up pictures. Retired about 9:30 PM. Mosquitoes bad.


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