Training Brigade Transfer Card

This "Training Card", actually a 12 page booklet, contains the records of Konnie's Service Tests and Transfers.
According to the Card, he was officially posted to the Royal Flying Corps 17 November 1917.
  1. Transfers and dates, page one
  2. Elementary Training Squadron (ETS) -Flying, page two
  3. ETS-Wireless, Artillery & Signalling, page three
  4. ETS-Photography, Bomb Dropping & Ground Gunnery page four
  5. Higher Training Squadron (HTS) - Flying page five
  6. Pages six and seven of the Transfer Card are lost.
  7. HTS - Wireless, Artillery & Signalling page eight
  8. HTS - Photography, Bomb Dropping & Ground Gunnery page nine
  9. Graduation Requirements page ten
  10. Service Pilot Rules page eleven
  11. At Home & Abroad page twelve
  12. List of Service Machines & Special Requirements, Pilots
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