Some of Konnie's more notable Students

Three of his Icelandic students, trained during WW II, returned to Iceland and founded Loftleidir, now merged with Icelandair.

Some Canadian Students:

Johnny Kent & Al Bocking
Left: Group Captain Johnny Kent D.F.C. A.F.C. Virtuti Militari, Commander - 303 Polish Squadron RAF.
Right: Group Captain Al Bocking, D.F.C & Bar, CD, Commander XI Squadron RAF.

Picture taken at the Winnipeg Flying Club in 1932, when they were Konnie's students.
An announcement of John Kent's promotion, in the Icelandic-language newspaper Logberg, Winnipeg
Al Bocking passed away on January 24th, 2009 in Kelowna, British Columbia, at the age of 95.
His obituary is here.

Herb Seagrim, Konnie & Wilf Fair
L to R: Herb Seagrim, Konnie and Wilf Fair at the Winnipeg Flying Club, 1931.
Herb Seagrim, a future Vice-President of Trans-Canada Airlines (now Air Canada), was a student and very good friend of Konnie's.

Konnie Johannesson in 1964 at Al Bocking's retirement Dinner, Duluth Norad Sector.


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